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115. fly me to the moon

fly me to the moon;
They make it to the moon, some 100 floors later, and the elevator music that plays is nothing like Jonghyun's

AN: This ficlet was completely inspired by 차가운 여름밤 by Oh Ji-Eun. I suggest listening to it, like, right now! (click the link to download it). Actually, I had Jo Sung Mo's cover of Fly Me to the Moon stuck in my head too. The setting of this fic is somewhat futuristic, I suppose. I was picturing huge skyscrapers and those crazy-ass neon signs you see in movies like Bladerunner, know what I mean? Don't have anything else to say really, except that this is sort of weird. Haha ~ enjoy. ^^

fly me to the moon;

The open air hits his face while he walks, airplanes cheating sound as they stream across the dark sky, only visible by their flashing red lights; little mobile satellites with passengers going to a whole new world - a universe he is not a part of. His cell phone rings and he forgets the count of sidewalk cracks he's stepped over, stops the clanking sound his fingertips create as they drag against the chain-link fence. He breathes out cold air and everything stills for a split second - everything except for his cell phone - a call to come back to reality, to live, to exist, to be somebody. Reluctantly, he answers.

The voice over the phone is cheerful and completely unlike his own - it's soft and calming. "Hey Key," he hears the drone of heavy bass cutting off his friend's voice, making it hard to understand him. "Where are you? We've been waiting."

"Have you?" mutters Key, not intending to be heard. "Sorry." he adds, though he doesn't mean it, and knows that Jonghyun knows he doesn't. There is a sigh on the other line. Distantly, Key thinks he recognizes the clock tower bells ringing; realizes it's in his head, because where he is is not quite the world everybody else communicates on. At least not right now.

"I don't know about the others, but I'm always waiting for you. Just - so you know." says Jonghyun.
"Hyung," Key frowns. "Go have fun."
"But you were so excited about this." This: the music sounding unreal through miles of distance, yet somehow heard in a device he can understand but doesn't want to understand; rather the sound of a girl singing on the corner, singing into her own phone to someone who is listening, smiling, and being something he just cannot be. Not right now.

"Key?" Jonghyun's voice is tinting on distressed, or desperate. Key isn't sure he knows anymore, not even with his best friend. "Where are you?"
"I'm outside the airport." Key replies amiably, giving in. "It's... nice here."
"Watching the satellites again?" Jonghyun teases, the background noise considerably dimming. Key figures he's gone outside the club for a smoke.

"Smoking again?" Key queries, voicing his thoughts - no, voice in his thoughts.
"You know I quit four months ago. I won't destroy my voice."
"I still." Key pauses, sighs out, "Worry."
"Then let me worry about you, huh." Jonghyun shoots back, but the smile is apparent in his voice. Key lets his back hit the fence, watching car lights stream towards him then fade past, the reflection of the city a world all its own on the wet asphalt; he wishes he could fall in and live the mirrored life, peering up at reality, smiling, never wanting back in.

"Stay on the line with me for a bit, okay?" Jonghyun fills the quiet gap with his strong voice, not really asking, not really stating, either.
"Don't bother with me, Jjong. I'm not in the mood."
"Look," Jonghyun says this softly, but his point reaches. He sighs and decides that the point doesn't need to be said aloud. They both know, anyway. "I think it'll be all right, no matter what."

Key smiles small and tight, straining. They both have come to learn that neither know what they're talking about, but they completely understand each other. Somehow. Key doesn't answer, just replies. "I'll stay on the line for five minutes."
"Then I have to rush, don't I?" says Jonghyun. "Do you want me to sing you an elevator song while you wait?"
"Only the kind that plays when you're going down." Key chuckles into the phone, repeating an old inside joke.
"Hmm," Jonghyun hums. "I think I can manage that."

He sings a song about letting go, and over the breath and ambient noise, Key thinks he hears the clock tower going off, striking midnight finally, but he's by the clock tower, and it's echoing -

Jonghyun's singing fades off. "Yeah?"
"Where are you?"
"Can't you see me?"

Key looks up and Jonghyun is waving from across the street, the last toll of the bell sinking into the dim but never really dark night - city lights, city air that has it's own song. The smell of rain, laughter traveling for miles. Jonghyun jogs across the street, hanging up as he goes.

"Hey," he says, "I came to get you."
"You've got me," Key pockets his phone. "now what?"
"Well, once you get someone, don't you take them somewhere?"
Key tips his face slightly, black hair spilling over his eyes. "Take me to the moon. I really want to go, lately."

Jonghyun follows Key's gaze and looks up at the smoggy sky, where a glow that could be the moon, or maybe a far away sign on a skyscraper, one can't tell, sits proudly in the sky. "How do you even know the moon still exists?"
"I just have to hope it does."

Jonghyun snorts, a playful look gracing his features. "C'mon then, let's figure it out." he grabs Key and pulls him back across the street, back into the city.

"How do you expect to get there? Especially this late." Key can't help but ask. Around Jonghyun anything seems possible, it's all a game he can always win. It feels like Neverland - like home. The warmth of Jonghyun's hand in his grounds him solidly, mentally, and as the breeze skirts around both of them he realizes: he has been caught, and all this time, Jonghyun has been waiting.

They make it to the moon, some 100 floors later, and the elevator music that plays is nothing like Jonghyun's; the chilly air is filled with less oxygen so high up, and the huge glowing sign represents a soft drink, a make up brand put on by a celebrity, neon gas always changing. It's an immobile satellite, this moon.

"Everything seems clearer up here, doesn't it?" Jonghyun mumbles, leaning over the railing. It feels like they are above the clouds, in touch with the stars - they are really just tiny pin pricks in black construction paper, a bright heaven just behind them, waiting to be discovered.

Key inhales deeply, letting everything rush through him. "It's higher than the clock tower."
"Maybe it's past time, then." Jonghyun replies lamely. Key rolls his eyes at him. The silence that follows is necessary and companionable; comfortable.

"Jjong," Key speaks up, voice quiet as they listen to the sound of breaks slamming hundreds of yards below them.
"You don't have to wait anymore."

It's a code that passes between them as an inseverable link; so many years as best friends and that is what they'll remain, forever as long as the knot twining them lasts and settles warmly in two places, connection streaming from hands that remain together, a satisfying sense of touch.

The echo of sirens down, down below them go unheard and uncared for; a part of human life, just like finding this. Just, this. Whatever it is.

Jonghyun smiles. "It's about time."
Tags: .fanfiction, fandom:shinee, length:oneshot, pairing:jonghyun/key
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